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Thank you for all the input everyone.

I understand how to wire the 10 or 12SI as well as what needs modified and how to make the wiring work. This website explains it pretty well

In case you don't know this is what my alternator bracket looks like

As you can see it is one piece it mounts low on the right side and the upper mounting area is only 1 1/16" wide. I don't mind modifying an alternator to fit that.

I don't understand exactly what installing a CS-130 would entail, do they use the same 3 wire setup? None of them seem to say what wiring setup they have. Will I still be able to hook up my amp light? I like my amp light and I like it to work. I don't like having a bunch of aftermarket gauges cluttering up my cab. I don't really mind cutting and modifying the alternator but I really need to know that this will work before I do it. I know everybody thinks buying local is the way to go but in the past I have run into major garbage that way and then had to get irate in front of other customers to get them to take it back. Amazon will deliver an alternator to my door within 24hrs and and will pay return shipping if it needs to go back. On top of that in all likelihood they will refund my money as soon as it is shipped back regardless of the condition of the returned item, even if I ship back a bag of horse dung in it's place (this actually happened but not by me). So I like to go with Amazon because I know the secrets about returning stuff. That said I'd rather not have to return anything and the brand new 10 and 12SIs have very good ratings and are half the price of the one CS-130 I found

and I don't know if this one takes one or 3 wires. I might be coming across as complaining or a cranky old man but that's not my intention. I appreciate the help, I'm just trying to figure this out before I actually make a purchase because $150 to $200 seems like a lot of money for an alternator to me.
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