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Alternator swap question

As some of you know I have upgraded my '72 J4500 to fuel injection. As a result my truck is now pushing the limits of it's little 30 amp Motorola alternator and I need to upgrade it to something better.

So that brings up the big question, which alternator do I replace it with?

I've been thinking about this one which is technically for a 1980 Cadillac

But would this one be a better choice because it's for a 1980 J10?

Then there is this one from Amazon which has good reviews but I'm concerned it might be too large to fit.

Would one be easier than the other to put in my truck? I'm not afraid to do things that could void a warranty like cut away bits of the mount to make it fit. I know what I should do is head down to Pick-n-pull and get one there but that takes more time than I have to spare so the auto parts store is the best option right now.

Thank you for any input on this.
'72 J4500

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