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Rob (screen name crackedback) will make them
and sell kits too. E-mail or PM him if interested.
He's got a prototype for the SJ's.
Here's his ad for the Chryslers.

Dan Stern is another source of kits.
He also is one of the few in the US who tries to stock Cibie products.
Sometimes he can be a little overboard in applying his point ov view to other people situations in emails and phone calls. ie. I asked for a replacement headlight (Cibie) and in his repsonse goes on about making the sidemarkers blink with the turn signals. Uh. The wagon's fronts already do that, and my car is pre '68 so there are none.

If you just need some individual items, poke around or ask.
I like marine grade wire and I can get it from the local boating places by the foot in a wide selection of colors.
The connectors use 'Packard 56' open barrel terminals accept for the headlights themselves. They use a wider version either of the same style, or the Chrysler/Ford type that look similar to AMP Fast-on terminals.

I'll post up some links tonight if you want.
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