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Originally Posted by Crankyolman

The last time I looked at fuel pumps on Fitech's site all I could find were pumps that required cutting huge holes in the fuel tank. I just looked again and found this which looks like it will probably work just fine. is there anything I need to know about regulating it? My understanding is the throttle body has a connection that does that but they also sell an external regulator which has me a bit confused.

I also noticed they have come out with a new version of the fuel command center ("command center 2" ) that now returns fuel back to the tank to try to prevent the overheating problems they had with the first version.

Returning back to my tank isn't a problem because the original sending unit did not have a vent line, the tank itself has one but when I replaced the sending unit the new one sending unit had a vent connection. I am curious though, a lot pf people say they replace the vent with a new pickup where the pump attaches and use the old pickup as the return but what do they do about venting the tank? Is venting no longer required?

I can't answer that vent question I have an 87 might be quite different.

But I would stay away from any FCC. It's a submerged fuel pump inside a 3/4 gallon coffee can. In tank is a submerged fuel pump in a 18 gallon coffee can.
Which would stay cooler? When it idles it's barely cycling out the heat from the fuel pump.... I seriously went the rounds with one for 6 months or so till I figured it out.

My fitech 600 has a regulator at the throttle body at 58psi. I don't know what the new 2bbl one needs. You'll have to look that up and get a pump higher that its regulator.
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