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Originally Posted by jblue1555
I installed Fitech 600 hp unit on a CJ -7 using their 2 inch in tank fuel pump. It was in stock 20 gal plastic tank. Ran new 3/8 feed and return lines, only had to remove stock sender to do the install. They also have a in tank pump that has a Reg. built in it and can be set to return the fuel in the tank and negating the need for a return line. Make sure to locate pump for fuel line routing, clearance of cross members, and fuel sock will not affect stock fuel sender when you reinstall it.


The last time I looked at fuel pumps on Fitech's site all I could find were pumps that required cutting huge holes in the fuel tank. I just looked again and found this which looks like it will probably work just fine. is there anything I need to know about regulating it? My understanding is the throttle body has a connection that does that but they also sell an external regulator which has me a bit confused.

I also noticed they have come out with a new version of the fuel command center ("command center 2" ) that now returns fuel back to the tank to try to prevent the overheating problems they had with the first version.

Returning back to my tank isn't a problem because the original sending unit did not have a vent line, the tank itself has one but when I replaced the sending unit the new one sending unit had a vent connection. I am curious though, a lot pf people say they replace the vent with a new pickup where the pump attaches and use the old pickup as the return but what do they do about venting the tank? Is venting no longer required?
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