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Originally Posted by ShagWagon
Yeah I used the Novak one but I had to lengthen the pickup tube on the sender just like I had to with another sending unit I got from TGW. I still haven't figured out why they make the replacement sending units shorter than the stock one by about 2.5".

Yeah my fitech had a regulator at 58psi. So I just had to make sure it was 58+. Novak used a Delphi 100psi. It may be different for a 2 barrel fitech. Check the requirements and use a pump higher than that.

They didn't have that when I bought mine about 18 months ago or so.mines a 4 barrel one that I also had to change the intake manifold as well.

I also bought all the parts to make one as well for about $170 from amazon.

I will tell you DO NOT use the fuel command center from fitech. It overheats at idle because it doesn't flow enough fuel through to keep it cool.

Thank you, I think I now have this pretty much figured out...except for the wiring but that will come. I have actually done a ton of research on this. Originally I was going to go with the fuel command center but found the posts about the problems which is why I want to go with an in tank pump. I was also originally going to go with the 4 barrel and was very glad when they came out with the 2 barrel that fits my goofy factory intake. I can tell you, after fighting with that damn heavy hunk of cast iron for a day and a half to get it to fit I never want to remove it ever again and didn't really need the added expense of a new intake. While my engine only has 3,500 miles since rebuild, it is still stock everything except the ignition and it never gets driven hard so I don't really feel the need for a 4 barrel.

A couple years ago I bought a replacement fuel sending unit which actually works quite well so I will most likely be modifying that to fit the new fuel pump when I do the conversion.
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