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Rang-A-Stang, that's cool they make those for AMC engines too. I know that the Buick guys recommend them for pretty much every rebuild, just because the gears are guaranteed to rub into the aluminum. They also recommend drilling lots of oil passages, which is kind of scary. Y'all's timing covers are still pretty expensive, like the Buicks. Shame nobody makes a ground steel sleeve for the covers. Something where you would mill out the material around the gears, and press in a sleeve so you could get a steel on steel pump. Unless the stock covers are hypereutectic, then they'd be good. You'd have less thermal expansion too.
Weird idea. Never know.
Don't worry about the transmission. If you think the engine was fun, then the tranny will be automagic. They're so cool.
Hope work doesn't kill ya.

You know it's a good morning when the gas gauge works for the whole drive.

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