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I figured I'd chime in on this. I was the person you spoke with when you called in, and I'm at a different location than Brent (the phones route to my location). Brent is typically handling packing / shipping / inventory / billing, and has his hands full most days making sure our customers get their orders and we keep the lights on. I handle the calls / emails / tech support, etc. When we spoke, I advised you that we might be interested, and to either leave Brent a message and he could reply when he had time, or to shoot us an email with details / etc and we'd look into it. You weren't being blown off, rather we were looking for the best way to handle the request while still helping our other customers at the same time. It may not seem like it, but we fill hundreds of orders, hundreds of calls and hundreds of emails each day. Brent's role on the phone is mostly spent with our suppliers and making sure we have the inventory we need, correcting inventory / supply problems, and any time away from that delays orders that have already been placed.

While we are open m-f, I personally work 7 days a week (sometimes remotely) to keep in touch with our customers, chase down parts, and even help them find things that we don't carry or can't get. You can also see on our webstore that we are constantly having new parts made (most in the USA) and we take this niche market seriously, and spend a lot of time making sure new parts are made all the time. Please don't think that we don't care, aren't interested, or that you are being blown off, because that isn't the case.

If you still have the email and are interested in pursuing it, please send to and we'll give it a look & discuss with Metro and see what the possibilities are.
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