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An Update

Every time I get ready to post my update, I think, lets be totally fair and I reach out to them once again.

Well it has been 6 months and they have my parts and my money.

I finally got an RGA# and a Fed Ex shipping label. Off went the parts and then nothing. Fed Ex tracking delivered and signed so time to email.

And nothing. Time to call, left a message. Contact pay Pal to register a complaint. Wait a bit and repeat email and call.

Finally got Melissa, yep parts received credit due, being processed by Pay Pal. And Nothing. Contact Paypal, get this outside window of opportunity to file a grievance (Pissed Off)

Call again, speak to another person who speaks to Melissa. Because the refund was issued outside of timeframe TGW would have had to pay fees to send me the money. Do I want to pay the fees or get a check in the mail?
( I made a mistake) opted for check, because... nothing!!

I got a tracking number. Label printed for package but pick-up is not scheduled. Emails and calls and nothing.

Now did you know you can't track a USPS parcel without knowing the exact name and address of sender. Tracking number be Expletive Deleted!Expletive Deleted!Expletive Deleted!Expletive Deleted!ed.

I hope that $89 answered all your needs TGW. Every part needed has been purchased elsewhere. How much, are you curious? Well it is a 38 year old project car and you may have seen the post about the T-Case chain project or other various odds and ends and all those window welts and weeps that have rotted out............. Soon there will be body panels and carpet and who knows what else.

Your prices were good, selection great, shipping Expletive Deleted!Expletive Deleted!Expletive Deleted!Expletive Deleted! fast, where do you fail CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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