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Originally Posted by GrendelGrey
Ordered a hood cable assembly and a new air cleaner assembly from them. A week or so later, after parts from other vendors had arrived, I called them because the order was still listed on their site as "pending." Girl on the phone put me on hold for a long timee and then told me she'd have to check the warehouse for some reason but would call me back.

Never heard back from them.

Just called again today--12 days after placing my order, with it still listed as "pending" on their site--girl answers and immediately puts me on hold for five minutes or so. Then she comes back on and drills me for my information. When we get to my name she says "Oh yeah I've been trying to call you" (I have no missed calls) "we don't have the air cleaner assembly you ordered so you'll have to order that directly from the vendor."

That's some real shoddy service. I went ahead and cancelled my order. Will just go through BJs and Amazon whenever possible.

Maybe she had your phone number wrong... it happpens. With any of these specialty vendors, bjs, etc... it pays to ask if the items are in stock before ordering.
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