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Originally Posted by TPICherokee
We know what we are selling. Rear alloy axle shafts, US Made, US Alloy. What more can I tell you?

Lead time is about a week to get them built, sometimes less. We can have Dutchman drop ship directly to you if you want. This is going to be the same with anybody on a custom axle set.

More info here:

This is not consistent with last nights call,

Drop shipping was not on table, asked and not offered, there was no indication of any clue that Quadra-trak vs. Non-Qtrak means nothing for J-10's or WT Cherokees (Only makes sense for NT rigs) , so confusion on pricing, consistency with web page ...

Are they US Alloy or are they Dutchman axles ? , Web site states Dutchman, you state US Alloy (??)

I appreciate the time and effort you guy's put in to keeping FSJ parts available, no hard feelings.

I am just looking at options to get the job done, in a way that fits the schedule, a week (give or take) I can live with, two weeks out, shipping axles back and forth across the country, has me checking other options.

No contract has been let at this point, If you are interested in the Business, and have a coherent story on what/when and cost of a set axles drop me an email.
Personally I would prefer to give you guy's the order, it was yours to lose to start with, still is as of now.

Thanks Mike D.
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