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Why are you a FSJer?
My Grandfather worked for Willys, and then Kaiser before he passed in the late 60s; so lots of family stories. That set the foundation.

After college, my friends and I would go camping and we all had small cars. The Wagoneer was awesome to load up friends and camping gear and head out. Those memories made me keep my 75 Wagoneer.

What's the best thing about FSJs?

How little they changed from start of production until it ended. They induce a nostalgia.

How long have you been a FSJer (can be before you got one but it's the moment you decided, "FSJs are where it's at")?

I remember them from an early age, but I remember really thinking they were cool when I was about 16 and pulled up next to one that was fresh off the lot, with the window sticker still on it. It was cream colored Grand Wag and looked so nice. This was around 1989.

In 1997 I was looking for a weekend warrior, and found my 75 Wagoneer. That was in the early days of the FSJ-List and I was amazed at how many people had them, the amount of info, and the free sharing of info. The community was great and helped me learn tons about my rig.

Describe the perfect FSJ...

I'd likely have a fleet of them given enough time, money, and space.

Current dream: Wagoneer with wide track flares, 37" tires, heavier running gear, modern drivetrain. I'm not Mopar fan, so I'd rather an LS than a Hemi.

Something of a mix of the Team Trail Tested 69 Wagoneer, ICON's Grand Wagoneer, and handful of other clean restomods.

I love the Prerunner J-trucks, like the Save Bud truck and others like it.

What's the best song/music to drive your FSJ to (driving can be commuting, road tripping, rock crawling, overlanding, wrenching, etc.)?

When I first got my 75 Wag, we used to play a CD full of Rockabilly/Old Country music. Seemed to fit.
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