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I have really enjoyed reading these, mine will be kinda long as well.

I am an FSJ'er because my dad had a qt wagonner that just wouldn't quit. We did a lot of hiking trips when I was younger and one stands out. We had two vehicles heading in and the other rig couldn't handle the old two track. So we wadded up in the wagon, three in front, three in back, us kids in the cargo area and two more guys standing on the folded down tailgate holding on to the roof rack. Made it all the way in and back RIP muffler. After that I was in love with Jeeps.

When I turned 16 I found a 66 J3000 that needed a lot of work and paid too much to get it simply because it was a Jeep and a Truck, I couldn't think of a better combo than that. I learned everything in that truck, how to drive stick, how to offroad and how to fix your own machine.

Best thing about FSJ's

Simple design and real steel in all the parts. I had a 13 Tundra for a while and when I hit an antelope with it I could not believe how much of that "truck" was plastic. I went on a quest for an old jeep shortly after that.

How long have I been an FSJ'er

Off and on for 20 years now. My first rig had the old Kaiser 327, scarcity of parts and not enough knowledge on my part led me to sell it. I wished for years I hadn't and looked for that truck long after I sold it. After my Tundra debaucle I found a 78 J20 that has become my new project. Not 2 weeks after I bought that truck I found my old 66 a few blocks from house in some guys yard waitin for attention. I bought it again and my son and I are going to go through it over the next few years before he turns 16. My first jeep will be his first and that hits me right in the feels.

Perfect FSJ?
Manual transmission and a clunky V8 you can feel runnin through the floorboards. Don't forget low gears and posi front and back.
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