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Started 13 years ago drove a 82 wag. Picked up a 84 wag for parts,but the body was better so on to a swap.
Best thing about SJ, the parts interchangeability and easy to work on.
How long? About 13 years
The perfect thing about a SJs building sleepers to a degree.
Wifes J20 with utility bed. 360 with flow bench heads intake,shorty headers,blue printed carb,custom ground cam. Not a fast truck but man can it pull. Started a yard full about 13 ago as well since wife needed a job to do. Now I have a J 10 leafspring chandler. Plus a few other items here.
Owner of Jakes FSJ Junkyard 91 Jeep Cherokee /2006 3500 Dodge AKA Babe the big blue puller
Hire the handicapped, they are fun watch!
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