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Originally Posted by ShagWagon
What I'm talking about happened in April or so after I first signed up. You have no record of it because it cancelled. PayPal funds were held pending till after I called in and cancelled the order that didn't ship, then I got my pending money back which you have no record of because I logged in under a guest or some crap the way your system worked. Or in this case didnt.

You only seem to have record of June and beyond. And you keep going there. Acting like you know what exactly happened. When you don't. Trying to defend something that happened a month or so later that I'm not even talking about.

You don't listen to what I've tried to explain umpteen times as accuratly as I can recall from my head because there's no record of it on your end or mine and call me liar instead.

You don't deserve my business when you call me dishonest.

I'll ask you for the second time. Please de-activate my account.

We have record of all canceled orders. I see nothing from your wife's email or your email in April. I checked your names as well.

You say that now but all the facts and figures you used as evidence to slander us ($34 in shipping on something that should have been $10, paypal with wifes email, etc, etc) are exactly what was on the order in June.

I never called you a liar.
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