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Originally Posted by ShagWagon
Well I followed directions, got the approval and confirmation. Placed an order with my credit card for all the parts to rebuild my doors that you had plus other stuff because I just bought an old keep. Card was charged full price. Waited for a week. Nothing. No confirmation of order and no tracking. I called in and was told that the order was missing some window channels that was in stock on the website. I was told that they were back ordered from the manufacturer and that it could be several months till I receive them, and that the rest of the order would ship out minus the window channels. Well that sucks. I can't do the job without them And I wanted to cancel. I told the rude guy on the phone I wanted to cancel the order. He told me " what you expect me to cancel the whole order just for that"? I said yeah I'll order from someone who actually HAS what they list is for sale, and why do you list things you don't have. He told me they couldn't change that on their website. Err okay... I then noticed that there was no discount on my canceled order anyways. Was supposed to be automatic. I checked around and it's supposed to just show up as your shopping or something but it didn't or did it? Who knows.

Don't sell and charge me for things you don't have, then wait for ME to call in when it doesn't arrive after a week and tell me it may or may not come in two months or so...

Anyways I saw so many here using bjs I thought to give them a second chance so I ordered some door springs (useless because they're too thick and make the door locks lift up and down and way to tight to move and will surely wear out or wear out the lock mechanism.) and some tailgate window seals and rubbers. Again no discount noticed on the $17 springs and window parts. Also thought that the $34 shipping was kinda high for what I could ship for about $10 or less. And would have wiped out any discount savings I was supposed to get but never got? Or did I? Nothing showed up on the discount line on checkout.

I typed in the comments that I was supposed to get some %15 discount for being a forum member. Nope didn't happen.

But instead of offering me a credit or %15 refund or you'd rather make me look stupid for not following your "very easy, simple, on the top of sticky" instructions.

No recommendation from me.

Couple corrections here.

1. You ordered 6-5-2016 and we emailed you 6-6-2016. You called 6-7-2016 and talked to Ryan. Not even close to the week that you say you waited. When you called you said you didn't check your email.

2. Your card was NEVER charged. You paid PayPal which just gives us an authorization code which we charge when shipped. Since your order was never shipped it was never charged.

3. You are set up for the IFSJA discount, once you are set up, it's all automatic, if you go to your account on our webstore it will say IFSJA pricing. This order in question was priced out as an IFSJA member. It will not show as a discount. If you wanted to see the regular pricing, log out and check the regular pricing.

4. Shipping was a lot because last year UPS and FedEx started charging additional handling of $10-ish on anything over 48-inches long. Since you ordered tailgate wipes, that $10 surcharge was part of the $34 and your order was slated to be shipped in two separate boxes. One was about $21 (the tailgate wipes) and the second was about $13. If you select USPS, the surcharge wouldn't have been there. You can confirm this by going to and clicking Rates. Our ship from zip code is 98335, the dimensions are 54x4x4 and the weight would be 5 lbs and you will see how expensive it is to ship these.

5. I am sorry you felt like Ryan was rude, it isn't how we operate.

Thanks for letting me correct some factual errors on this.
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