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Originally posted by chr1s:
NICE !! I drove past you in my wag once but you must have been messing with the radio, lol, I beeped but you didnt look up. You will see my wag more cuz the 330 has been officially *retired* for the winter.


I have to put the jeep down again for about a week because its getting re-geared in a couple weeks. After that, the lift goes on. I do want to hear the flowmaster (which series did u get?)

-70 big block series. I wouldn't get any louder than that, I found a guy on ebay with them that was accepting offers, 90 bucks plus a lil for ship.

I was gonna email ya once i got the lift and all on so we could meet up.

sounds good!

Enjoy the crappy weather we're supposed to get today

and I drove the M3 today, silly me.
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