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blew it. sportside bed.

got a tip from btpdragon on socalfsj. late wednesday of a sportside in the salvage yard near anaheim, ca. i was scheming about it the whole time at thanksgiving as it was half-price weekend. i got back late saturday and didn't get to rent a trailer for sunday to haul the whole thing home. i went down there early sunday and spent most of the day there.
heavyiron had volunteered to help load it, but i declined as i didn't have anything to haul it home on. i decided to just try for the fenders. after about three hours, i gave up. stubborn carriage bolts and other bolts--not enough hands. i ended up with just the tailgate.
there were some cracks in the drivers fender and the step plates on both sides had some damage, but as it was made of unobtanium, i didn't want to see it crushed. they quoted me $167.-- for the whole bed, so tomorrow it will be over $300.

this was an '82 honcho sportside. locking hubs in the front. clutch pedal under the dash, but had an auto column and full waggy interior swapped in. no engine /trans /TC, unless you count the 360 that was loose in front of the motor mounts. i suspect it was originally a 258, prolly another failed project. i would have liked to catch this one on the other side of the salvage yard fence.

'83 j10 pioneer 258/t5/208...gone
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'81 j10 sportside 258/tf999/208
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