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Originally Posted by bkilby
A good friend has a great saying. "There's something to be said about buying a running vehicle vs. a non running vehicle". Simply put, you're better off having a running vehicle and get to the mods as time and money allows rather than having a basket case sitting in the dirt and you're trying to figure out how to piece it back together.

No matter the case, do what you want to do to your rig. Don't worry about the purist. They'll get over it.

Looking forward to the pics!
Thanks! I accidentally bought it on ebay... Was watching the clock tick down on the auction, had a few beers, felt like the seller should get more than what the bids were--and...

Next thing I new I was flying to Oregon where the seller had parked it in the airport with the keys and pink slip in the glove box!!!

Drove it from Oregon to California doing 70 all the way. Stopped to add coolant and let it cool down a few times. Had it towed once because I ran out of gas 50 miles after fueling (had an added gas tank that airlocked and I thought it was full).

Well, it was running back then and since it sat for over four years it doesn't run. Definitely my bad but feeling determined to change that course.
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