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Dos Equis - shows a wagoneer drining in Mexico to a beach part south of Ensenada.

Life Insurance commercial - a family shown in a blue GW

Ad for a repair shop - showed a GW and shots of interior

ESPN Pro Bowling ad - wagoneer with a canoe on top.

Tonka sighting -Doge minivan commercial - child has a FSJ tonka stashed in a seat stow-away compartment.

Golden Grahams commercial - parents bringing kid home from college in a GW.

State of California ad - shot of a girl leaning on hood of a red/orange cherokee

Whataburger - pig nose Wagoneer drives up to whataburger for breakfast.

Levi's ad - featured a wagoneer

Advanced Auto Parts - wagoneer parked in front of store

Jeld-Wen windows and dorrs - GW parked in the driveway

Southwest Airlines - head light and part of razor grill is seen
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