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Post Prissy cold air intake parts list

Excuse the engine bay wiring mess, this is not how I plan to keep it.

Okay, it's really late so I have to kind of rush through this. Hopefully I'll cover everything. I went with a 4" system because I figured some day a hi-performance MPFI 401 might need it, but in retrospect I think 3" would have been fine. I will list both 3" and 4" part numbers. Pricey? Yes! Worth it? Definitely, to me anyway!

And to answer some questions from this thread, my Jeep did not have the coolant and washer reservoirs when I bought it. Seeing as the battery is on the other side, this is the only way I could get a true cold air intake without going with a snorkel or cutting into the fender.

The Plenum
3": It seems we have a problem here. I can't seem to find the most important piece anywhere. Maybe they stopped producing it when they discontinued the black crinkle coated 4" plenum?
4": Spectre 9843 (out of production? try: Spectre 9849 )
This goes on the carb. Most descriptions say it only fits 4bbl carbs or TBI units.

Memory Flex Ducting
3": Spectre 8741
4": Spectre 9751

Air filter and housing
3": Spectre 9833
4": Spectre 9831

Cold air mounting flange
3": Spectre 8148
4": Spectre 9148

You will need to drill the radiator support with a hole saw or find some other way to open it up.

Miscellaneous stuff

Straight tubes
I'm not sure if I used a 4" or 6" long tube, I *think* the 4" will work but you may want to measure yourself before ordering.

3" diameter, 4" long: Spectre 9409
3" diameter, 6" long: Spectre 9419

4" diameter, 4" long: Spectre 9709
4" diameter, 6" long: Spectre 9719

Two required.
3": Spectre 8771
4": Spectre 9771

I found the extremely large clamps and mounting plates for the air filter box at Home Depot. Note that if you have EFI, you will either need to drill the aluminum tube or the plenum for the IAT sensor. Datalogs show a HUGE decrease in intake air temps, from something like 150-180* down to around ambient, and the performance increase when the engine is warm (and especially on hot days) is like night and day. Idling on a hot day brings the temps up to around 130, compared with 180 or so without a cold air intake. As soon as the Jeep starts rolling, they decrease back down to ambient.
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