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The one picher of the finished wheel seems to be gone. Not just not opening but gone. For me anyway.

My Lecarra in the CJ is flat. I had to recover it. My son got me a custom leather wrap that you kinda sew on like the original. Looks good but isn't made to cover the spokes so I trimmed the original cover so it left a bit of the leather from the spokes like a flange that got covered and held in place by the new stuff.

Fits good and tight but I have my doubts about using it on a wheel that isn't fairly thick foam. Also my stock Wag wheel spoke covering is this ugly baby s... uh baby puke yellow. I guess the sun got to it. Sorta reddish-brown on the back.

Maybe try it but leave the old cover on for more "give" and dye the stuff on the spokes.

Seems to me you used to be able to get leather in a roll like a tennis racquet wrap but long enough for a steering wheel. Probably some tool tried to do it while driving or it came off and was implicated in a wreck so they stopped.

Fortunately no hurry on this.
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