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any idea regarding fuel filler tube bezel?l

am I am still wondering if the parts on my Waggy are mounted in wrong order?

it looks that the rubber-made bezel is inside and the steel-made fuel filler outside (visible) [see first picture]
but looking in the the parts-catalogue document I suggest, first comes the steel-made part and at least the rubber-made bezel... [next picture]

so if mounted in correct order I shouldn't see almost no steel-part anymore (and not as it looks on my Waggy's fuel tank opening right now).

I already tried to pull both parts out, but the steel-part does not move a single milimeter screws in anymore ........ maybe with a little more power? ... but I am not sure if I would tear down other parts

I looked into Hayne's manual but found no description for that

If you have any suggestions I would like to follow them...

have a nice week
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