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Front D44 binding

Been working on a friend's '75 Cherokee. Ever since I brought the jeep back from its long sleep, I had a bit of binding when making tight turns. First it was the E-drive that was activated and when that was un-selected, it mostly went away. What little there was left, I assumed it was from the QT clutches sticking.

Yesterday that binding turned into a loud cyclic banging noise when making tight turns. I lifted the front end and it appears to come from the passenger side. It will make no noise when going straight, but as I turn the wheel, it will appear, then becomes worse the tighter I turn. It is binding so bad that I can see the front springs twisting.

I disconnected the front driveshaft and when I turn the front yoke by hand, everything turns smoothly. Under power it does bind quite loudly.

I had rebuilt the front axle (bearings, seals, u-joints) and I thought perhaps that side's u-joint had seized. I pulled it out and it feels brand new.

My thought was that perhaps something I did caused the center axis of the u-joint to shift from the kingpin's center axis.

Any thoughts?? Thanks.
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