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I also just finished my install after having it lay around since Christmas. Ive already got a spare motor laying around since Im sure were going to burn this one up putting the window up and down!

I also had a few questions and serehill was quick to reply. Very good guy to deal with.

A little worried about the stops in the bottom of the tail gate now. They visually flex when the window maxes out when going down. When rolling it up, the entire mechanism flexes the tail gate. I've not even tried it with the engine running yet!

I would imagine I have over 8hrs in this tailgate. I replaced all the wipes, the lifter bar cushion, and took the old wiring harness out to rebuild it. I did have to extend the wiring that goes into the interior switch around ~6'. I ended up taking it up the firewall and running it through an existing grommet. I didn't want to drill a new hole.

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