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CJ, As I said earlier in the start of this thread and you just agreed, there is no way it is an original tranny in PC's 70. They just never put a chevy th400 in a FSJ. Let's talk about the crank spacer though. To mate a 360 up to the nailhead I assure you it's needed. If you bolt it all up w/o it, the flexplate will be about 3/4in away from the torque convertor, so a person would be inclined to pull the convertor out to the flexplate, disengaging it from the oil pump. I cut one of the spacers down to mate my 401 w/o a hole in the crank to my late model tranny, had to space the bellhousing as well. At any rate they exist and were used on these. The only thing I'm not sure about is wether they were on the Buick set up or not. J20
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