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Howell TBI followup


Thanks to you and your thread, I competed my first Howell TBI install. Now that I've "experienced" the install, I'd like to ask and add a comment or two.

For power to the 12VDC ignition wire, I teed off of the "IGN, LPS" fuse on the main fuse panel. Where did you connect yours?

Funny thing happened on the way to TBI installation.............. while I was contemplating using the hole saw for the pass-thru to the cabin, I noticed an oblong factory, two-screw panel behind the floor insulation. It's just above the black, flexible condensate drain for the A/C. That's where I pulled my cabin-related wiring through. Plenty of room for all of the plugs to pass through. It's only drawback is that it is closer to the right exhaust manifold.

I have not connected my Howell TBI VSS to my Dakota Digital cruise control yet. It the VSS input connection really needed? I've driven the Jeep about 40 miles and haven't noticed anything wonky. What do ya think?

My TBI is working great, so far. I only had to set the timing. Howell suggests 6-8 degrees BTDC. I set mine at 10 degrees BTDC. Other than that, no other adjustments!

I don't know how to send pics. I think my files are too large and I'm not very computer savvy.

Thank you for your documentation on your installation. I've been sitting on this Howell TBI kit for 6 years and never got the guts to start. Your info gave me a good push in the right direction.
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