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Originally Posted by pickledtoast
I'm not entirely confident in my initial waggy flexplate digitization. I will redo it when it all comes apart and remeasure. That said, I have about .175" difference between my '90 wagoneer flexplate starter ring gear and the ATP Z337 (XJ AW4) flexplate starter ring, with the waggy ring being further inside the bellhousing.

Again assuming it is accurate, you would need about a .275" spacer between the AW4 torque converter and the 360 flexplate, that's the method I'm planning on going with.

The bolt pattern on the AW4 torque converter is not even close to the 360 hole pattern, but the holes can be drilled.

Not sure why, but I can't see the pic. But, thanks for the info.

I might just go with balancing the aw4 flexplate like my 360.
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