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Originally Posted by Bill USN-1
You should not run any emissions on an EFI system, if the system is not controlling it.
EGR, canister purge and air injection, all affect the air or fuel mixure going to the O2 sensor, so it will affect the feed back and the fuel correction.
You can have air injection if it is connected directly to the cat, behind the O2.

For the GM based system, it requires the control solenoid and a VSS since it is temp and speed dependent.

Injection is not a system if it doesn't have timing control.
It's just a carb with O2 feed back.
Better, but not a system.

I have assisted many customers with other companies "systems" to convert to timing control.
I carry the timing control wiring harness to plug into the ECM for the 8 pin module.
Or i can provide everything to convert along with a custom tune.

True, but it does work on a GM TBI system. In CA we have to pass smog testing which includes a visual inspection and dyno testing.
NOx is MUCH MUCH lower running an EGR like I mentioned above.

Like I said not an ideal setup, but it does function/reduce NOx.
I can post actual smog testing numbers both with and without EGR active.
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