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z&m wants $189? Jeeez! I can't afford that. I sourced all the top shelf parts and came up with ~$40 to make my own.
Looks like selling them is out the window. too much competition lol

I prefer making my own harnesses anyway. I'm ocd with it and love to watch it come together. Why does everyone want an arm and a leg for a simple harness?

Nograin, I love the marine wire for anything outside the engine bay. It's especially perfect for anything running in the frame rails or outside the cab. It's a little pricey but worth it.
I prefer gxl under the hood though due to the higher temperature rating. Prolly wont reach 125C but it seems good to me.

Packard 56 for the headlight side or relay side?

I'm thinking I'll do 10 gauge all the way and redundant relays/breakers for each side. Essentially isolating each side to its own circuit. I like the safety margin in the event of a relay failure or breaker trip. ..Also going to use sta-kon or AMP terminals wherever possible.

Think I should I do a write up on it?
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