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Well on my Dana 20 T18 4 speed combo, I tried everything to get that thing off. Pulled the set screws off both ends and the shift rail linkages removed, WD-40 on everything, the shift box would slide back and forth eaisly and the tube it was on slide forward and back but I couldn't get it past the transmission. I just ended up pulling the t case off.

Turned what I was thinking was going to be a simple job into a all day thing but oh well. Its on there now. I tested it in the driveway and it shifts fine but I can't wait to test it on the trails.
thanks guys
1977 Cherokee
360 V8 T18 Manual Dana 20 TC
Lockers front and back
Warn 5721 winch
36" TSL's beadlocks
Holley Fuel Injection
Front manual hubs
SOA and SF
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