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Wink In the shop manual

It says that our Northern friends should use 20 w Oil in 0 degree temps. So I was musing about using 5-20 Mobil 1, for better milage. Now I know at 0 degrees you need the Oil thin. But after your motor is warm you still got 20 weight oil in there. So I don't see why some are so worried about thin oil.

Gets where it needs to, fast and improves milage. I haven't heard, but I'm no expert, that motors in the Northern tier, wear out fast because they use thin Oil. Anybody in Minot ND got their ears on today. Do your motors wear out fast in Canada, if your not out shoveling snow give a chime!

Originally Posted by Great Pharoah
I changed from motorcraft 10w 30 to NAPA 15w50 full synthetic. Seems to work good I don't see any leaks. I Don't know who the vendor is but it's not one I'm familar with. but as long as it works, who cares.
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