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I've seen what happens when paraffin builds up in engines. NOT pretty, and engine rebuilders throw a screaming fit when they find it. Didn't know STP engine treatment had it in it.

I'm not driving a Mercedes, I'm driving a '76 360 and '81 258 (not at the same time, of course) both AMC. I would like to make sure I'm running the proper oil to help them live a long and healthy life. The 360 leaks too much to pour out expensive synthetic on the ground. The 258 will get freshened up w/ all new seals and gaskets but just because it's "synthetic" does it mean it will have everything the engine needs?

Last I recall was that Dupont threw a screaming fit over people putting Teflon in their motors via those oil filters that came out w/ it in there about 15 or so years back. They said something about "do not put Teflon in an internal combustion engine, it does not belong there." I try to be wary of snake oil, myself.

I'm also curious about the oil filter magnets, though for the price tag I'll just bust up an old speaker magnet and stick the chunks to the side of the oil filter one of these days. Figure surely it couldn't hurt...
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