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I am not touching it for a while. I haven't started it since Friday and don't plan on touching it again for at least 2 more weeks. I have another timing cover and filter adapter I am going to send to SC/397 for him to blueprint (because I am 90% sure I did not do mine right). I do not plan to start my rig again until I am pulling it into my garage to swap timing covers and install the mechanical gauge.

I distinctly remember installing the 2 oil galley plugs in the back (by the flex plate) when I picked up the block because I did it before I installed the block on the engine stand (if they were missing, I would be puking oil all down my flex plate anyway). I remember installing the 2 on the front before the timing gear went on because I remember reading about some people drilling a tiny hole in them, the pros/cons to doing that, and deciding not to drill the holes. Then I remember I had to go buy 2 new plugs for the lifter valley becuase the plug kit I bought only came with 4 plugs so I am confident those are on there, too. All 6 of them had The Right Stuff slurred around the threads before they were driven down deep into their homes.

So I opened my second filter (Wix) and it was normal and clean. I think the Fram was crushed because it was so filled with assembly lube and it was so crappy but as a wise man once said "that oil is going somewhere."

oooohhhhhh crraaapppp.....
I drilled some oil drain back holes in my lifter valley after seeing SC/397 do it on this build (you can see them in the first picture in this thread).
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I wonder if I punctured/drilled into an oil galley...? I tried to be super careful not to but now I think need to check... You can see my holes here. I only did the smaller ones.

So when I pull my timing cover, I guess I'll pull my intake, too. After the new cover/pump are installed I will spin up the oil pump and see if any oil leaks out any of these holes. If it does, I'll tap them and put a brass plug in them. Oh man....
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