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Here are the bearing clearances for 1969.
Mains .001" - .002"
Rear Main .002" - .003"
Rods .001" - .002"
Both of my machinist usually hit .0015" - .002" on both the rods and mains.
Some of the low oil pressure issue could be due to oil pump end clearance. I lap the timing cover to get near zero clearance with the gasket in place.

The grooves inside the housing don't seem to affect oil pressure as much as the end clearance.

I personally wouldn't buy any after market timing cover nor would I use a mid plate. If you want to send your timing cover, oil pump, and oil pump cover to me I could tune it up for you and at least eliminate that variable.

Which brand bearings did you use? King bearings run to the big side compared to Clevite.

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