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Post TBI systems vs DIY vs each other

Hello everyone,

For those of you running tbi systems on your rigs, Post your ideas, thoughts and experiences with the systems and which system you feel you would want on your rig if you could do it over again. (If you are fine with your current system then post that about it. Of course you all should know that I am biased as I never ran any of the other systems on my rig. I have only run a D.I.Y. system and I am in the process of finishing up my article (Sorry everyone lost the charger to my digital cam and without pics I dont have incentive to finish) (Well the charger has been replaced and I am ready to go again and finish!). Below I have listed links for the various out of the box systems and for a DIY write up (Mine of course, if some others out there have done DIY write ups please post too) Hopefully this resource will help some of those who are interested out there in the various systems to make a sound choice based on what they feel will best suit their level of expertise, budget and comfort level. The Links to the various TBI makers out there are listed below (Maybe I missed some but I dont know of all of them)

1. Affordable EFI

2. Custom EFI

3. D.I.Y (Do it yourself)

4. Holley TBI

5. Howell

6. Megasquirt
MegaSquirt 3:
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1. Electric Radiator Fan 10/15/11
2. Cs-144 Alt 10/1/11

1. TBI
2. New fuel tank
3. AW-4 Transmission
4. Aluminum condensor
5. Custom Gauge Panel

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