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i left my radiator in the stock using an electric fan and it ended up working better for me to leave it there.

i had the little rod welded to the rod from my column shifter.i dont know about the xfer case. i havent ever used my plastic flag shifter(im not even sure why its still there!) when i first installed the lift,i was using a shifter from a wrangler with the 207 i was im using the currie twin stick with my dana 300. both of these types bolt to the tranny or t case and pop up thru the floor. neither have turned out tooshort because of the floor being 3 inches higher.

i did the same thing brake lines-simply let them stretch. i also had the same trouble with the 2 rearmost bolts-nut broke loose and spun around inside the body.

the other thing thats a PITA is the front 2 core support body mounts. theres a very small access hole to put a wrench on the nut. once you finagle it inthere,have someone else turn the wratchet that you have installed several extensions on to be able to turn it up high,out of the engine is d*** near impossible to turn the wratchet and hold the wrnech at the same time.

85 grand wagoneer
258 with motorcraft 2bbl/904/twin stick dana 300/dana 44/welded amc 20
38x15.5 gumbo mudders
snorkel/dual batteries/onboard air/"custom" convertable
3 inch body lift/mostly stock suspension/"modified" fender openings
custom front/rear bumpers and brushgaurd

possible small block chevy "test" swap in near future
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