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5/25/04 Todays update....picked up a used T-5 from a board member in southern Wisconsin this morning. He had lots of baby jeeps and FSJ's. He is a collector of the finest vehicles ever made!!!

Got back home at noon and had to swap the input shafts, and gave the donor T-5 a good looking over and decided it was good. Put the donor back together and installed it and all the other stuff that goes along with a tranny swap.

Took it out on I-94 and was able to drive my truck 70mph for the first time in over 2 years (5th was out on my old tranny). The donor tranny is really good and not any noise that I've noticed.

Thanks to a good friend and member of this board I'm back on the road again.

Got to work this morning, and was going to back into the place I park and I could'nt shift the T-5 into reverse. The shifter was stuck. I went on in and worked until 10AM, then thought I'd better clock out and see if by taking the shift cover off I could un-stick the shifter. Well of course I could do no good with that so I decided I'd just drive it the 20 miles home in 2nd gear.

Headed out and got about a 1/2 mile from the shop and the tranny starts this sickening grinding noise. I figure that I having to get towed home now, so I push with all my might and get it into 3rd gear, and its pulling.

OK so now I get home faster in 3rd and 4th rather than all the way in 2nd. I drove it home only using 3rd and 4th gears, and they worked fine. Got the truck up, and dropped the transx, and tranny. Tore the tranny down and found the problem.

The hub inside the 1/2 syncro had cracked, causing the buttons to jam, thereby causing it to stick in 2nd. The grinding noise was caused by the hub spinning loosely on the mainshaft. So now I need a new mainshaft.

Contacted Paul at and he has a T-4 with the same shaft that he will tear down tomorrow and then ship the shaft to me with the syncros, and new buttons and c-rings for it. All for the sum of $60.00 plus shipping. Now I dont think a guy can get any luckier than I did on that.

Anyway here are some shots I took because I know this post is worthless without pics.

Shafts and busted hub: The top shaft is new, 2 years ago. The bottom shaft is the original that had 1st gear seized to it in 1998. Note how the buttons are worn badly in the middle.

Tranny on bench:

Truck in for repairs:

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