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3rdElements 1985 GrandWagoneer Build VERSION 2.0(starts page 5) *UPDATED TONIGHT

Seems like my pics stopped working...AGAIN.
so here is the album of my work a31d41

1.) replace lifters and pushrods
2.) valve seals
3.) carb rebuild
4.) vac line sorting
5.) fuel tank fill lines replaced
6.) ammeter replaced with voltmeter
7.) stereo install
8.) door speaker install
9.) painted exhaust with vht
10.) edelbrock 4bl intake
11.) edelbrock 1406 4bl carb
12.) jet carb for high altitude
13.) charcoal canister replacement with new version
14.) replace old "Track" style window motors with worm drive from 90-91 version
15.) rear wipe replaced
16.) installed hella ecode housings
17.) installed bixenon 5000k lamps
18.) installed bjs offroad aluminum coolant tank
19.) transmission fill tube oring
20.) replaced dipstick x2(gotta do it again still)
21.) chrome valve covers
22.) thermostat housing (cast iron, from bjs)
23.) new polished knobs from :
24.) replaced rear view mirror
25.) replaced pignose with final edition grill
26.) rattle can flat black
27.) add rubber front bumpers
28.) metal headlight adjusters JABER
29.) cs144 install with mdill bracket
30.) moved electric fuel pump from dangling next to drivers side exhaust manifold to under rear cargo area
31.) installed hood cowl seal
32.) refinished hood cowl body work
33.) installed new fuel elbow to edelbrock carb
34.) installed new parking light assembly and lense (3/23/2012)
35.) built custom box for rear speakers, installed (4/12/12)
36.) replaced transmission filter and gasket (10/15/12)
36.) removed old carpet(11/24/12)
37.) clean out kick panel vents
38.) install the new hood pull cable
39.) install abs black kick panels
40.) install hood pull cable
41.) rewired voltmeter to be switched 12v
42.) installed plastic bj's glovebox

To be Completed:
rear main seal
all 4 door windows wipes replaced
recover subwoofer box in black
wire and install kenwood amp for subwoofers
replace dif fluids(reseal the leaking covers)
replace sway bar bushings with polyurythane version
replace end links with new poly also
4" lift with new shocks and stainless steel brake lines
door lock springs
hood insulation
replace all 4 sidemarkers and chrome housings
install black dodge durango seats
j10 steering box or s10 not sure which one yet
install new mirror door controller switch
refinish hitch and apply new load sticker
clean out heater box
install tachometer
paint dash black
recover dash pad with black
figure out wiring on temp gauge.
find replacement steering column
install power steering pump and hoses

Ok, so i bought my 85 GW back in march, and thanks to 2 moves and a second job. I finally have time to work on it. Using my dads experience with v8's and my elbow grease we are tackling this beast. I purchased it for $450 from the 2nd owner of the jeep. and it was literally on its way to the junk yard. another one saved!
Drove it from Ft. Collins colorado to Colorado Springs. 132 miles. the previous owner did a full service on the truck after we exchanged money. He truely loved this fsj. The truck smoked bad once it was warm and ticked like a psycho watch, but i was up for the challenge. and would do 65-70 on straight highway. hills gave it trouble. but it made the journey. after a few weeks, i moved up to castle rock, and made the trip successfully.

ok now to the carnage. We removed the fan shroud, and radiator. the fan came next as did the alternator and the washer and radiator fluid reservoir. the compressor and all the lines to the vac canister came off as well. we marked all the lines so we know where they came from. But have a chiltons manual because i know some of these were installed wrong. Removed the valve covers, and then the intake*with carb still on it. and below the intake we found carnage. the entire passenger side of pushrods were bent, except for the one that was laying broken in the middle directly above the cam, but still on top of the block. (i'll insert a pic here whens its done uploading). also found a blown lifter and another almost broken pushrod.

All on the passenger side of the engine. The drivers side was pristine. here are the push rods from both sides.

My dad made the comment that it looks like the lifter loaded up and just didnt unload and failed. also noticed there wasnt a spec of dust or debris in the engine
its like its recently been rebuilt. Removed the exhaust manifolds. Not a single bolt has given us any problems. this is probably from the fact we hit every bolt with an orange can of "creep" before we started this build. We also removed the heads. broke a small set of vac lines that were mounted to the back of the drivers side head.

Im not sure what we will do to fix this....any ideas?
we could clearly see where the smoke was coming from. The valve set that was linked to the broken pushrods was caked in oil and carbon from not opening, but the top of the heads is again, pristine.

I can see a couple of the valve seals that need to be replaced. But i bought a full gasket set from bj's and that will be taken care of. also in the next couple days i will be replacing the freeze plugs. I did notice that there was black paint covering the heads including the freeze plugs. So i really am suspecting a PO rebuild. you can also see the pattern in the cylinder walls.

I did get bored however and prepped and painted the exhaust manifolds with VHT for exhausts. wow, what a difference.

Next is going to be compressing the valve springs, and removing the guilds. then cleaning the valve stems. some are dirty, but that one is just caked. probably 1.5" of crud all the way around. i have a bench grinder with a wire brush wheel on it. i figured that would work pretty well, but im open to ideas.

Once reassembled, I also need to fix the o ring on the tranny, its leaking badly and i have jeep blood being caught by a shower curtain right now. (its ghetto, but keep the new garage concrete nice and dry.

Also need to move the PO's electric fuel pump, and place it back by the tank. you can see it here, right in front of the brake master cylinder

at the same time i have a new set of filler tubes, and a new sending unit for the tank.

Also have a new charcoal canister to retrofit into the vehicle, its the one mentioned in the tech article on this site.

so thats how far ive gotten so far. 9/17/2010 to be updated asap.
Richard Ricketts
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1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer {woodless}-Edelbrock 1406 carb, Edelbrock Sp2p Intake, Hella ecode headlights, bixenon HID 5000k headlights, mb quart 6.5" component speakers f&r, alpine cde-100 deck, final edition grill, Hella 550 fog lights, 1991 window regulators, cs144, aluminum coolant&washer tanks

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