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Just a lil heads up... I don't know how hot TIG gets, but if you were to arc weld that rod it goes about 5,000*. Now, just ahead of that joint on the rod you weld (inside the hydroboost) are two rubber o-rings that you can't replace if they fail. Figure that if you are using a GM truck HB you are probably doing so because you can find them plentiful and cheap in the wrecking yards... which also means that those seals are probably old and aren't likely to take high temps real well.
You can also find Astro van hydroboost for relatively cheap in the yards (depending on the yards in your area, some are more expensive in the yards than to buy a reman) and it will require you to also buy/fab a 1" spacer to fit between the mounting plate and your aluminum firewall block, then you have to drill/bush the rod to your 7/16" pedal pin (or just bush if you find one from an ABS rig with the spade shaped rod end).
If you are going to cut and weld the rod that is up to you, lots of folk do it, but you can avoid that whole scenario. You can check the link in my sig for some more info on the Astro units and if you can find a GM truck HB you can surely find an Astro HB (which is also a lil easier on your light duty brakes).
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