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Short update...

Not a whole lot going on here in FSJ world for Gregoire...

Got my 4wd indicator lights finished up. Built a new harness based on the wiring diagram. I did run into a little snag in that I couldn't find the same bulb socket that has the rubber grommet built into it. I found one with metal tabs. This is no good since the plates in the back of the indicator housings are metal and so the lights either short out and blow the fuse or stay on always, depending on how they're wired. So I recreated the backing plates out of acrylic. That did the trick.

I also finished my bracket for my reverse light switch
I'd seen another thread somewhere, I think on a CJ2A page about adapting the earlier T-90 tower for a reverse light switch. I'm sure I'll have more troubleshooting to do, but for now, I'm calling it good.

Also, I thought my alternator was on the fritz, as when I put everything back together, the idiot light wouldn't come on before I started the truck. And the alternator was putting out nothing. Doh.

Then I remembered I'd used an LED for the cluster lights. So I flipped the polarity of the bulb and voila! Light! But not so fast. When the truck was running, the light remained on, but the alternator still wasn't being triggered to charge. Then I remembered the basically the alternator and battery have to be able to "talk" both ways for the charging circuit to work and the LED won't allow for that. Replaced it with the incandescent and problem solved.

More soon. I have some neat little things coming up....
'63 J200 Resto-mod in progress

If all goes well, we can toast to accidental successes.

I'm convinced I'm just too dumb to know that I can't restore this old truck...
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