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1989 Mustang ECU running my Wagoneer!

The wagoneer is finally fuel injected! This has been a work in progress for the last year and as of yesterday the carburator came off and the Fuel injection tunrned on. I am very happy with the results. You can check out my thread on the build if interested. Surprisingly it took little tuning (I use that phrase loosly i spent hours and hours learning about ford ECU's prior) to get it running. Don't ask about the glue stick plugging up the line coming off my idle air control valve. Now i will be fine tuning to get her really running! and next comes the CNG Conversion. **Edit: link to my build thread

1988 Grand Wagoneer
Ford 460 w 429 heads Performer cam and Shorty Headers. Ford Fuel Injection out of a mustang. Natrual Gas Kit.
NV4500 Transmission NP205 Twin Stick T-case. Up and Running!

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