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I just received Rusty's 4" add a leaf kit for my 1974 J-10 and I have a few questions.

First, were they supposed to send me a full set of U bolts? I received four matching ones that I think fit the front, then another three that are long and skinny, then two that are in between the other two sets. The description on their website includes u-bolts so I thought I was supposed to get them.

Second, the spring eyes on the front are 44.5" eye to eye. I measured the ones on the truck and they are 48" eye to eye. But they are pretty sacked out and the front shackle is pushed all the way forward. Do you think these will fit?

Finally, Rusty's instructions are cryptic at best. Where does the add-a-leaf go? In between the the two old rear leafs? On the bottom? It says they should go longest to shortest but I cannot tell if it is longer or shorter with the arc.

Also, how do the lift blocks fit into this? Their instructions do not even address that.


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