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I finally have some time to finish my lift, today and tomorrow. I haven't really done much to the left rear of my GW yet regarding the lift except to remove the u-bolts.
My question is, how do you access the nut on the front of the left rear leaf spring? The bolt appears to go into the frame, but I cannot see the nut. Do I have to remove the gas tank, or can I just remove some of the sheet metal from around the tank to access the nut?
Another question: The rear leafs have this wedge piece on the bottom that will rest against the supplied block (for the 6" lift). I have the right rear leaf installed with the same orientation as the original leaf, but the wedge points towards the back of the vehicle. Brent at BJ's told me that the block wedge needs to point towards the front of the vehicle. Does the leaf wedge also need to point towards the front of the vehicle? It looks like it should, to give the driveshaft a better angle, but I just wanted to get some advice before I rotated the leaf wedge 180 degrees. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. I'm tearing back into my lift later this afternoon after I get back from the in-laws.
Thanks in advance! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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