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You're lucky that you are only breaking keys. I broke the lock cylinder itself and the Kaiser era locks are unobtainable.

You need to open up your door and lubricate your door lock and latch mechanism before you break the lock cylinder from turning it too hard. Do that and it will be far easier to turn. Then you don't break keys and locks.

The answer is yes, the 1974 and up AMC locks will fit and work if you cut the shaft shorter. I had to do that on my 1972 Jeep after I broke the original Kaiser lock cylinder and could not find a replacement. The AMC keys are different from the Kaiser keys, so with new door locks your doors will no longer be the same key as your ignition switch. You will now have three keys: one for the doors, one for the ignition, and one for the glove box.

So don't break your locks. There are things on Kaiser Jeeps that you must not break because they are near impossible to find replacements. Lock cylinders are one of them.
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