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The grand opening of the Wild! FSJ site:

The definition of a "Wild" truck is pretty loose; generally, though, it involves more than bolt-ons, and more of an attitude. Scott Probert's '84 Grand Wagoneer (the first feature truck) kind of embodies the concept (you'll see what I mean when you see his pictures). And if you're thinking of modifying your truck, the images on this site may give you some ideas.

The site is still a rough sketch; the trucks I have on the site are just directory listings of images, not full-fledged pages, and I have images of trucks that have their own web pages, but I just can't find the links right now, and there are more trucks out there that belong on the page that I can't put my finger on.

So, if you have any suggestions, or any submissions, please send them to me: . I prefer links to pre-existing pages with wild trucks, as I'm not going to be getting to creating individual pages for some time (our baby is due at any time now).

Bob Barry
<UL TYPE=SQUARE>* '78 Cherokee 4-door
* '88 Grand Wagoneer[/list]
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