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As for Gembox, I'm not discussing priming in a production shop...That is a whole other matter...This is doing a resto on a jeep...I like to let my resto rigs sit a month after priming....Now on a production job, I would bake it for 45mins to an hour, then prep and paint away....This series of posts is about restoring a rig in your garage...If you want to discuss production shop work, that would be a whole other deal....Gembox will never tell us how he does things, he will only critisize what everybody says....I think ive finally learned But yes, Gembox, I left that out, this is a personal choice...Got me on that one!! [img]tongue.gif[/img] Maybe I should write a book, I forget to mention stuff every now and then here!!

TexJ, Hi!!...There is quicker ways, rust will not start in two weeks, remember we are using two part urethane primer here with an etch under it...It wouldnt rust underneath for a long time...The longer you let it cure up to 1 month will reduce shrinkage after, hence,nicer job...

If you have IR heatlamps you could bake it, and prep it in 45 mins and paint it...You could just let it sit a few days in the sun if youd like too...On resto work I never push them, I like to take my time ....I should have included that....Any primer can be painted within a day or two without heat...But on resto work, why push things...Look at my signature link, go see my chero, those rear quarters were etched and primed in jan.2002...Well I drive it daily, and still no rust under the primer...I will restrip it before continuing(its rock hard and not preppable), but just to let you know, with quality primers, they will holdout quite a while...

If you use Hutchins DA's you can very easilly get a panel straight, like I said it will be much harder with any other DA, but doable...On the inline sander, thats not what I was talking about but they do make them...(inline sander)

I'm talkin about a long board orbital..I use a model 4500 Hutchins DA...And a Hutchins model 3800 orbital long board...Youll have $350-400.00 tied up just in these two tools...They are the very premium in the body field...Its a bit hard for me to tell ya all how to prep, I only use the top notch tools and even a Hutchins DA sands like a block, they are super smooth....Heres a link again...When it comes to machine prepping, if your not using the top tools your finish will see it...Did ya look at the 69 Bird I just got done with a few months ago...It was totally machine prepped....Prepping is quite an art to learn, believe it or not...Youll need to be able to distinguish what is straight, what needs more sanding, and edges and body lines will throw ya if your not really paying attention...This is basically your finished job, minus a few shinny coats of topcoat....This is where the job is the most important...Its the foundation....Thanks for the question, I should have added all that!! your link below.

tgrease...Just do one panel at a time... Thats all I ever do in my garage here at home also...

But once you start priming, thats right, etch and prime all at once....if youd like to do a little then wait a few days and come back and do more, you can just epoxy those spots, or even just spray can prime them to keep them from rusting, just sand it off when your able to continue...

You can also use metel prepp..Its a conversion coating..its an acid, wipe on, let it sit for a few mins, then wash off with water...Turns the steel gold, and will be protected from rust till you get to it again..

Do some engine reserch there or if your patient, I will mention applying primer with a roller...There is special paint rollers you can use to apply auto primer only with...They work great for small spots or spots needing quick protection....Thats some new voodoo that they have recently came out with!!

Hope I have answered a few questions for ya all...Keep the questions coming!!!

Ive got a girl here tappin on my shoulder needin this computer for homework....Take care All....Carey

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