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Thicker oil will decrease flow. Yes, it will give good gauge, since the pressure port is right at the pumps exit, but you are doing nothing to improve actual oil delivery. You are actually making it worse in most cases.

The big diesels have gone from 15w40 to 10w30 over the ast 10 years. All the old timers get all nervous over that “thinner” oil, and it does lower pressure a bit,but samples come back better than the old oil, due to faster flow.
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Ristows right.................again,

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... like the little 'you know what's' that you are.

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I LOVE how Ristow has stolen my comment about him ... "Quoted" it ... and made himself famous for being an ***hole to people. Hahahahahahahahahha!

→ Where the kids hang out... come for the mindless chat,stay for the hand drawn emoticons.

It's like you're unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps knitting...and knitting...and knitting...and knitting...

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