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Thoughts on Motor Honey?

Don't laugh at me. Well, I guess you can, how would I know?

My 401 is up and running after my rebuild but my oil pressure is not high enough for my liking. I am going to re-do my oil pump in the coming weeks but I want to drive my rig in the meantime.

All new bearings, rings, seals, lifters, and cam. Fresh oil (conventional 10W-40 with ZDDP additive) and fresh filter (Baldwin B9). Using my stock gauge (mechanical gauge is on the way) I have about 45PSI cold cruising and 20PSI at hot cruising. Hot idle is barely 10PSI.

For discussion sake, I have hear Lucas Oil Stabilizer is similar so that is on the table, too. I used Motor Honey back when I was in high school 25 years ago to raise oil pressure in my tired old VW engine and it worked great.

What do you guys think of me adding this stuff to my oil to temporarily raise my oil pressure?
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