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Originally Posted by johnsonic
I'm in the same boat. Totally crappy situation, but would really like to see my $144 again & haven't heard anything in over a month.

Hang tight Johnsonic. I bet you will either get your money back or get a product eventually. I bet the family is still sorting out the situation. My dad also died unexpectedly on August 19 and I am still trying to wade through an incredible mess. It will work itself out. It will no doubt take some time though.

And thank you Men in Black. I am more than capable in making a harness. But hoped to save time by buying 2 of them. One for my current build and one for my personal rig. It also would be a big shame to see the work go away. Even if it meant posting the electrical diagram, that alone would save a lot of time for others.

I'll put on my patience hat and hope for the best.
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